Slide Services All about - Budgeting, Location, Logistics, Support Slide Services Telltale Studios is unique in its ability to undertake any scale and variety type of project.

Telltale Studios is unique in its ability to undertake any scale and variety type of project. With our extensive experience handling multiple projects in the country, we apply our knowledge to find the best creative, financial and logistical solutions for your productions.

As the ‘One-Stop Platform’, we provide step-by-step list of services for your production needs. Here’s a list of what we do best for you:

Slide Our skilled experts provide high-quality production support and assistance to ensure everything is properly done in accordance to the local laws, customs and procedures, taking into account of any political change or instability in the country or inevitable causes such as unpredictable weather.
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Slide Our professional team deals with relevant authorities and ensure permits and approvals are received before the projects start. Having great rapport and trusting working relationships with the authorities allow us to avoid any delays due to the red tape as we aim to speed up the necessary legal requirements. 02 Next Back Slide Our Industry Expert, Technical Advisor and Director will go through the script, reviewing it creatively and accordingly via detailed discussions before in-depth briefing sessions with you. 03 Next Back Slide Headed by our Line Producer and Production Manager, we scout around and seek for all locations without leaving any options out, before providing you with a list of suggested shooting places within your budget. 04 Next Back Slide Our skillful Director and Executives will review your finances and funds and provide the best advice and guidance on managing your budget, making sure you receive the government’s incentives and aids, including all the tax reliefs. 05 Next Back Slide Over the years, we have built a vast network of centralised database and portal of professional crew, locations, film equipment suppliers and vendors to provide the necessary support during filming. With local and global resource accumulated over more than 10 years, we deliver the product successfully and of your set standards. 06 Next Back Slide Our skillful and competent IT team provides easily accessible platform for you to leverage on interactive via user-friendly interface IT based website and portal. 07 Next Back Slide We offer professional equipment deal, where equipment for film making are made available for rental on a per-lorry-basis (Grip Truck, Lighting Truck, Camera Truck) at an affordable price, a great alternative for projects with limited budget. 08 Next Back Slide We provide an “Equipment + crew deal” at an affordable price, saving you the hassles of hiring them separately. 09 Next Back

About Us

Steps in Our Works

Simplicity is often the best, so we believe in keeping things simple,
yet effective for our clients. At Telltale Studios, we follow a 4-step process:

01. Listen & Guide

Understanding the needs and requirements of clients.

02. Agreeable

Propose the suitable solutions based on project requirements.

03. Execute &

Getting the work done effciently for the best results.

04. Support

On-going assistance will be provided by the team.